ON APRIL 2, 2017
come be not so normal with us.

We despise the “normal, usual” way of doing things; they simply aren’t good enough for us and definitely not for our awesome runners. Join the movement and lean into your Not So Normalness, you’ll thank us later.



Not So Normal
1/4 Marathon

10k? Nope, too Normal. Our Quarter Marathon is 6.55 miles of pure running fun!


Not So Normal
1/2 Marathon

The Half Marathon is ready for it’s 3rd Run and we have once again made it better. Fast, Flat, Fun and sure to be your favorite


Not So Normal
3/4 Marathon

A three quarter marathon? Yep, 19.65 miles of fun. Yes, you will miss the wall! Not sure if it’s the 1st one ever but it’s surely Not So Normal!


Not So Normal

Nothing is better than running with friends! We have multiple relay options with a distance sure to fit everyone.

form a team and run for what moves you!


join the movement in just:

running a marathon in full fire gear? totally normal.

we are constantly amazed by the incredible people who chose to support the not so normal run. our runners, volunteers,, spectators and partners inspire us on a daily.

read some of the amazing stories behind the people who lace up to make the not so normal run so great!

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let’s get social!

The 2017 NSN Finisher Medal is here! Yep, we crushed it again!! Use promo code Medal12 and get 12% off your race until 2/20. Come get yourself one!!!! www.notsonormalrun.org ... See MoreSee Less

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Been there.. done that. Have a great Friday!

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We love to run and love our NSN runners even more. Yes, we are being icky mushy and gross as my 5 year old would say. Use promo code Love14 and get 14% off any race. We'll hug you at the end:) www.notsonormalrun.org ... See MoreSee Less

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join the not so normal fun – become a partner!

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