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I am a California girl, currently living the North Carolina life. I love living an active lifestyle whether it is running, swimming, taking a yoga class or playing basketball. I ran my first 5K race in 2010 and ended up winning 1st place for the Overall Women’s division. I have loved running ever since and run everything from 5Ks to full marathons. I am also notorious for encouraging friends and family to run with me, running is contagious! I am so excited to work with Not So Normal and get to know all of you running one of the distances this year!

Blog: https://runhappyeathappy.wordpress.com/
Instagram: @_kellinickole
Twitter: @kelli_nickole


My running mantra. My race, my pace.

I ran distance in high school, but after my less than illustrious career was done there, I didn’t run again for a very long time. I used to say that I’d only run if something was chasing me or if there was a line forming for the buffet (of course). I used to be over 200 pounds. I used to scoff at people who ran and call them crazy. Then I woke up one day and realized how limited I was by my weight, by my perspective on life, in my judgments of others. With the help of a trainer, I began losing weight and running. My running often looked as if I was walking (around a 13:30/min mile pace), but in my heart, I was running like the wind. They say that practice makes perfect, so I kept at it. I now run a 5K in about 28 minutes. I’ve completed 8 half marathons and 1 full marathon. And I haven’t lost my zest for running yet. I’ve learned so much. I have learned to look within myself for inner strength, to dig deep when I don’t think I can go on. I’ve learned that the only person I have to be better than is the person I battle in my own mind and not the runners around me. I’ve learned that I can do amazing things that I never dreamed I’d want to or could do. I no longer accept my limits!


I began running late 2014 with a goal of running the Disney Princess Half Marathon on my 25th birthday in 2015. My sister is the one who found the race and when she mentioned it to me, my first response was “But we aren’t runners.” Running, to me, had always been a form of punishment – whether it was laps around the track during soccer practice or suicides on the volleyball court. Somehow she convinced me, and off we went to register and train. I successfully ran my first half-marathon on my 25th birthday (sans sister because she was pregnant at the time), and I will never forget the feeling of crossing that finish line. The human body can do amazing things! Follow me on my running journey, it is quite the ride!


I am a mother of two boys ages seven and five and a teacher at the elementary level.  I started running after the birth of my second child in an effort to get back into shape using a run:walk interval program in 2010 and started a running streak in 2012.  I have been running daily for over 1500 days. My typical race distance is the half marathon, but I’ve done everything from a .262 to a full marathon.  I run with an all women’s running group called RunBuds and I coach a team of Girls on the Run.  I love seeing new runners develop a love of running and encourage every woman and girl to take at least 15 minutes a day for themselves to do something that they love.  http://nanscpa.wordpress.com/

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As an ambassador, your purpose is to inform, inspire and motivate your community about the Not So Normal Run Weekend April 2, 2017. We are looking for runners of all levels including newbies and back of the packers. You only need to be an active, involved, and inspiring presence in your community with a passion for running, philanthropy, and community.


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  • Commit to running a NSN Race with a friend or 10
  • If you are part of a running club/group we would appreciate you telling them about us
  • Help recruit volunteers to support our awesome runners


  • 2 Race registrations; 1 for you, one for a friend
  • Special Ambassador swag and gifts
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  • Social media presence
  • Location
  • A great story
  • Enthusiasm for Not So Normal

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