The Not So Normal Run Weekend came from, of course, not so normal origins.

It started with a Stay-at-Home Dad looking for a way to get back out into the “adult” world, but in a way that created something beneficial to the community he lives in and family friendly at the same time. An event that was built on community and philanthropy and tied to his new found love of running and the sense of “family” he discovered through it.  So after reading the life-altering book Daring Greatly by Brene Brown, a big, huge dream took shape…

Could an event be created that celebrated everything we love about our town, provided an opportunity for families to get active together, and give back to this beautiful community?

Yet in an area teeming with races from rock ‘n roll marathons to Krispy Kreme Doughnut challenges, Jay plotted a way to make this different than anything else out there.  It would be a series of events built on community and philanthropy. A series of events that benefited as many amazing, local non-profits as possible while at the same time bringing together as many people as possible to celebrate the diverse facets of this vibrant community we call home.  It would be not so normal… not so normally fun!

As our wonderful sponsors enthusiastically jumped on board, as word began to spread local non-profits reached out to learn how they could be involved and run for what moves them, local media started inquiring about this new and unique running event, and people from all over the area began registering and planning to participate in all the festivities we are offering. That dream became a reality. A reality that saw 470 runners in its Inaugural year and over 4,000 more in its annual races have a great run in Carrboro, benefit over 30 local non-profits, and continue to grow this amazing annual event celebrating all that is wonderful about the community we call home.

So join us again on March 31, 2019 for a Not So Normal celebration of community and giving, with some sweat thrown in, throughout Carrboro.