People can face any number of barriers in their attempt to be a runner, so it is now our goal to eliminate one of them; the cost. Proper running shoes, apparel, race entry fees, and training programs are expensive; as runners we are well aware of this which is why we have created the Not So Normal Run Fund.

The mission of the fund is to eliminate the financial barrier to entry for prospective or current runners. The fund will buy shoes and apparel at Fleet Feet who has generously offered us a 50% discount, cover the cost of race entry fees to any race you choose, and pay for any Fleet Feet Training Program. We are just starting out so we have a few rules that we will tweak as we grow.

Please send a message to Jay including your name, contact information, what you need, and a little about yourself. He will contact you as quickly as possible and set a time talk.

The Details

  1. All footwear, apparel, and training programs are bought/paid for through Fleet Feet only.
  2. If you need a race entry fee it can be any race you wish, not just a Not So Normal one.
  3. The fund is available to people of all ages but kids 13 and under will have their needs met first.

Pretty easy, right? Today the fund has $1,402 in it and we will update the current balance on this page daily. Do not let the balance prevent you from reaching out, it will grow and shrink daily and we will do our best to accommodate all requests as quickly as possible. We will also list on this page all of the funds success stories, minus any personal identifying information of course.

If you would like to support the fund please contact Jay to discuss, he LOVES those inquires.. So let’s all come together and get more people running!