So come run with us

We are incredibly honored to be supporting the following amazing organizations and  initiatives in our community.

The Orange County Rape Crisis Center is a 501(c)3 non-profit agency. We have served the Chapel Hill, Carrboro, Hillsborough, and surrounding communities since 1974. We provide 24-hour crisis intervention services to survivors of sexual violence. Our services include our 24-Hour Help Line, advocacy and accompaniment, support groups, workshops, and therapy referrals. Additionally, the Center offers educational programs for raising awareness about sexual violence and teaching prevention skills.

First Pages is a nonprofit organization serving the literacy needs of children under age 5 in Durham, North Carolina. In response to research showing the importance of a literacy-rich home environment, First Pages currently provides “book bundles” to families at easily accessible locations, with hopes of expanding programs in the future.

TABLE’s mission is to provide healthy, emergency food aid every week to hungry preschool, elementary, and middle school children living in Chapel Hill and Carrboro, NC.


  • Provide healthy food to our participating children, encourage healthy eating and expose them to new, healthy foods.
  • Bring together UNC-Chapel Hill college students and community members to prepare and distribute healthy food to local kids who go hungry on weekends and other times of the year when subsidized, “free” school meals are not available.
  • Raise public awareness of local childhood hunger.
  • Provide programs and activities through which local people can help local hungry children.
  • Increase the number of children we serve every year.


A community where everyone’s basic needs are met, including dignified and affordable housing, an abundance of healthy food, and meaningful social connection.


To confront the causes and respond to the effects of poverty in our community.




We work to overcome the social and economic barriers that prevent individuals and families from achieving their goals.


We value empathy, compassion and respect.


We listen to and share with one another. We value open, honest and nonjudgmental interactions.


We actively build coalitions among a broad spectrum of individuals, congregations and community organizations.


We have faith that our work will lead to positive change for individuals and the community.


We help people in need achieve their goals by providing information, support and access to resources.

Volunteer, Staff, Client/Guest Partnership

We work together to achieve IFC’s mission by respecting each partner’s strengths and contributions

Our Vision

Sexual health matters. SHIFT NC works to empower North Carolinians so that every adolescent grows up in a state that is equipped to support their sexual health. Investing in young people’s sexual health benefits them, our state, and our communities now and in the future.

On any given day, you’ll find us:

  • Helping communities and schools implement effective, age appropriate sex education
  • Providing top-notch professional development and resources to people who serve and impact North Carolina youth
  • Increasing awareness of adolescent sexual health, including teen pregnancy, its root causes, and effective solutions
  • Working with health care providers to make services more accessible and welcoming to young people
  • Strengthening parents’ voices in communities and in their own families
  • Helping communities reach the most vulnerable youth
  • Working directly with youth to provide information and advocacy opportunities