Let’s Party, Not So Normal Style


That’s right all of you awesome Not So Normal Runners, we are finally throwing a proper post-race bash and it will surely be epic. Also, it most likely will not be very “proper” at all, we don’t really roll that way. HA!


Here is a sample of what you get if you run a NSN race, and it’s all free folks. Yep, 100% free because we are cool like that.


  • All the adult beverages in the land supplied by the good folks at The Carrboro Beverage Company. We do cans in trash cans that you help yourself to because we ain’t fancy. Don’t worry, we will have plenty of non-adult beverages too.
  • FOOD! FOOD! FOOD! What kind and from whom? No clue yet but we are working on it so stay tuned.
  • Music! What kind and by whom? Yep, no clue yet. If you have a favorite band send them my way. Whoever we have will definitely be rocking the Town Commons for you.
  • Blankets! or Beach Towels! Wait, what? Blankets? Beach towels? Yes, blankets or beach towels so you can lay on them, duh! Just spread out, chill, eat, and recover.
  • Games! Croquet anyone? Maybe corn hole? Who knows, gots to be there to find out!
  • Community! Most important of all you get to hang with and meet other awesome Not So Normal Runners and representatives of each of our amazing Non-Profit Partners.