Let’s be honest, for almost all of us winning prize money is not even a thought when we enter a race.

We simply aren’t as fast as the elite runners in the races. You know what? We think that sucks so we have changed the game, yet again. We don’t care if you are as fast as someone else, we want to reward the fastest you. Yes, you against your personal record.

We will be awarding the biggest personal record for the Half Marathon only regardless of the finish time. Now every single Not So Normal Runner has the chance to win prize money, all you need to do is be the fastest you.

Here are the rules so we are all on a level playing field:

The top four runners, regardless of gender, with the biggest personal record will earn the following prizes:

Biggest PR = $100

Second Biggest PR = $75

Third Biggest PR = $50

Fourth Biggest PR = $25

  • You must provide an official finisher certificate or link to official results to verify the personal record you beat within 5 days of the completion of the race
  • Winners will be announced after the race